How to Perform Garage Door Repair Project

While fixing a garage door, it is important to understand how it works. Any type of mechanical and electric equipment has a tendency to malfunction with the passage of time.

Even the garage door tends to develop issues over time. Thus, the garage door needs periodic maintenance services and occasional repair projects. Here is a brief guide that will explain to you how to handle the garage door mechanism. However, if you are not confident about your abilities then hire a professional garage door service provider like, Vega Bros. Garage Door Repair to handle your malfunctioning garage door.

How does the garage door work? There are two basic and important parts of a garage door. One is the garage door itself and the other is an operating system that opens and closes it. Most of the problems that crop up with automatic garage doors are because either of the two parts is not functioning correctly.

Garage door repair tips and techniques: When the overhead garage door runs on the tracks, torsion springs help it to counterbalance the weight of the garage door. Special metal tracks are placed at both sides of the garage door to support it run upwards or downwards. In case, your garage door starts creating loud sounds or does not move smoothly, the issue lies with the operating system. Following are the helpful tips to restore the performance of your garage door.

  • Make sure that the metal tracks of the garage door are in a good working position. These tracks should be cleaned and aligned. Inspect them thoroughly to find out the signs of dents, crimps, and flat. If you found any type of damages, use a rubber hammer to straighten the faulty area. If the damages are serious, replace them with a new one.
  • Examine the alignment of the springs and tracks. Both the tracks should be aligned with each other. If you find any discrepancy in either side of the garage door, loosen the screw and nuts of the tracks and slightly tap them to their original position. You just need a screwdriver and spanners to fix them.
  • Make sure that the springs and tracks should be cleaned and lubricated properly. Use any high-quality grease or silicone spray to lubricate them every once in a while. It helps the garage door move smoothly. Also, clean the tracks and rollers with a damp cotton cloth regularly. If they got rusted or not able to be repaired, then replace them immediately.
  • Check the garage door itself to find out the damages. Your garage door may be coming off the tracks because it is not sturdy anymore. If your garage door is in a really poor position or beyond to fix, then you will have to replace it. It suggests buying a new garage door in such condition.

Caution: Don’t try to attempt garage door repairs especially garage door springs repair on your own. Hire a professional and reputed garage door company to help you to restore the functionality of the garage door. Any faulty garage door component that needs replacement should be managed under professional supervision. There are some highly tensed garage door parts that can be extremely dangerous and injurious.