Why You Might Need Expert Garage Door Repair

There are great chances that one day you press the button of the garage door remote to get your car into and out of the garage but the garage door won’t function. You press the button again and again but each time nothing happens. It may rely on being able to get your car out so that you can leave the house and get to work timely. You may need to open the garage door so that you can park the car and enjoy the evening after a long tiring day. In these situations, you can consult professional garage door companies such as, Benbrook, TX garage door repair to bring back the garage door to its working condition.

  • Non-working garage door:

There are several reasons that could make your garage door malfunction. Every one of them can be fixed easily but until you evaluate what has happened, you are stuck with your car inside or outside the house.  Definitely, you want to open the garage door quickly so you can leave the house or get your car in especially if you are experiencing the harsh weather. Look at the list of potential causes so you can start narrowing down your search:

  • Photo eyes are blocked and sensors are misplaced
  • The motor has been unplugged accidentally
  • Loose or broken torsion springs
  • The wall-mounted keypad works but the remote does not work
  • The cable has been broke

The photo-eyes might not have a clear line of sight making the garage door system fool that something is under its path of it. Make sure that the photo eyes are cleaned when the garage door is going down. Sensors should be aligned correctly. Check the operator to ensure the motor has not been accidentally unplugged.

Even high-quality garage door torsion springs will function for a specific period of time. When these springs have completed the cycles of lifting and lowering the garage door, they will stop functioning and eventually break. If this happens, you should call professional garage door technicians to replace the springs for you.

If the wall-mounted keypad still works then the batteries of the remote may have died. In this case, you need to replace the dead batteries. If the remote still won’t work to open or close the garage door, then you need to buy a new remote. If it still won’t raise or lower the garage door then reprogram the opener using a red cord hanging near it.

When garage door cables break, the garage door will not work. You should call a professional guy to fix them. These cables are attached to the drum near the springs. You can find them at the top of the garage door. They are also dangerous to handle on your own. The tasks of broken torsion springs and cables should be left to professionals.

Why is it so important to hire professional garage door companies to deal with your malfunctioned garage door? The garage door is extremely heavy and under to understand the mechanism. Garage door springs and cables are attached to the garage door that holds a high degree of tension which can be dangerous to handle without proper expertise. The only person who knows the garage door well can perform the requiring garage door repair and replacement tasks. Until you get garage door experts to your home to restore the performance of your garage door, you are not able to open or close the garage door.