Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

Overhead automatic garage door functions with the help of torsion springs regardless of whether it swings up in a single solid piece or rolls up in multiple sections. Garage door springs may break as time passes and need to be replaced. It is extremely important to understand the parts involved in the garage door and calculate the garage door repair cost before attempting to replace the broken springs on your own or calling a professional.

Structure of garage door:

The overhead garage door runs on the metal tracks attached to the walls of the garage. There are two basic types of garage door springs. One is extension springs and the other is a torsion spring system that is installed on the garage door according to the weight and size of a garage door.

  • Swing up garage door:

In these designs and models, the garage door runs on the horizontal metal tracks mounted along the wall and ceiling of the garage. These tracks should slant downward slightly towards the back of the garage. A powerful spring system is installed at the top or either side of the frame of the garage door and hooked to the garage door itself. If the garage door springs are in good working position, it is worth inspecting the moving hardware to find out the loose screws, nuts, and plates that mount each side of a garage door.

  • Sectional garage door:

In these models of garage doors, the metal tracks curve from the vertical to the horizontal direction to roll the garage door up and down smoothly. A powerful torsion spring is installed to support the garage door which is controlled by a cable and pulley system. You can adjust the tension of the springs just by pulling on the cables and re-tying the knot of the springs to increase and decrease the length of the cables and adjust the tension of the springs. Remember if your garage door has a torsion spring located at the center of the garage door. Call a garage door specialist rather than try to replace it yourself to avoid accidents.

Garage door spring repair and replacement task:

Garage door spring replacement is a challenging and dangerous project for unskilled individuals. If you feel up to the challenge, make sure that old and replacement parts are the same in size and dimension. You should be familiarizing yourself with the tension and winding bars of the springs which will enable you to be comfortable with the springs. Winding the springs could cause the store pressure which can lead to accidents if you are not cautious.

There are many tutorials available on the internet on the garage door spring replacement process but there are a few important safety points to keep in mind. First of all, close your garage door completely and disconnect the power supply and place a ladder on one side of your working area to avoid the path of the winding bars. Always place a strong grip on the winding bars and insert them into the winding cone holes of the springs. Remember that under-winding will make the garage door heavy and over-winding will cause the garage door to bounce back.

If you have any doubt about your capabilities to replace or rewind the springs, do not hesitate to call a professional garage door technician. Your security is a major consideration, so it may not be worth the risk of handling it on your own.

Instead, spend your time and money on other potential areas to avoid costly repairs in the future. Professional garage door experts will inspect and tighten or replace the damaged garage door parts including screws, hinges, and mounting brackets to keep your garage door in a good working position.